learning how to write linux kernel modules and its vastly more simple than frontend web development

@jk Do you mind if I ask what kind of linux kernel module you are planning on writing?

@stolas im going to make my own computer so probably quite a few

@jk can you elaborate on that a bit? custom motherboard design, etc?

@lunch yeah something like that. im in the "i really don't want to have to solder BGAs for this thing" stage of the design so i'm having to pick a fork in the road between "nonstandard and underpowered curiosity project whose constraints might be creatively interesting" and "use some kinda raspberry pi Compute Module or the equivalent made by Allwinner or whoever in a socket on my own board", but either way it's gonna involve a bunch of code for the peripheral hardware and I/O etc


The Linux Kernel was engineered.

Javascript is a sprawl of code grown around a quick hack.

@jk if you don't mind me asking, what resources are you using to learn this magic?

I've been super interested in this aspect of development

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