computers really started to go downhill when everything became about the internet and the web

you used to go on the internet and download cool things for your computer, because it was easier than buying them or going to your friends house. and then youd have some cool things on your computer that you didn't do before. thats definitely a net win for the internet. but it isnt really like that anymore is it. instead you go on the internet and thats it. the internet IS the cool thing! and that would be really convenient except the internet isnt cool at all and also it sucks ass

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tired: going onto a website and using that website to communicate with your friends

wired: logging into an FTP server and downloading your friends directly onto your computer

@jk I choose the "wired" choice. In fact, I am going to upload myself to a server right now, available for download by anonymous FTP and see what happens.

@jk --> uploading your friends to Piratebay


It's a slippery slope, my friend

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