i bet in the next 3 years they'll introduce a feature on youtube that automatically selects/creates a thumbnail for your video that will appeal to each viewer who might see it. so if you make really annoying clickbaity thumbnails, the 25% of people who are put off by that won't see them, they'll see a really serious matter-of-fact thumbnail. Probably in 10 years it will automatically edit the video itself too

everyone who watches a youtube video will get a slightly different tone-of-voice from the presenter that makes them feel more at-home and friendly with the content. any slang or metaphors or talking points you don't understand will be replaced with equivalent ones you do. if they use an example picture of e.g. a 'house', it will look like the houses you're familiar with. whole video will be represented not in H264 or webm, but high-level thought-space

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there'll be a lot of people who hate the content to be personalized like this who will be able to opt out somewhat, another vocal minority who actually prefer it, and the vast majority who don't actually care or understand no matter how much you explain what it is or how it works. they'll endlessly argue about what someone said with other people, forever, not knowing that they both saw different things

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whether ubiquitous "lossy compression of text" is desirable is probably gonna be one of the big disagreements between this 'generation' and the 'next'

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possibly the idea of insisting that "automatically regenerating sentiments and information from an intermediate representation rather than the original source text goes against artistic intent" will be treated similarly to the old "looking at art works in print form or on-screen can't compare to the original". most people will actually agree in theory but in practice nobody really cares, and most people won't bother going to a gallery when it's not necessary and the 'lossy' way is so convenient

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@jk All of this is moderately plausible and utterly terrifying.

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