you: *playing any JRPG*

me: nice. how do you catch them then

you: what do you mean. it's just a random encounter. it's not like the monster can join your party

me: ??????? is there not like. a ball in this game. you could throw at them

@jk me coming in: "Oh hey is that a JRPG? How do you catch the monsters?"
player: "?!?"
you: "I dunno, this guy keeps making weird faces at me any time I ask. Like, there's now way you CAN'T catch the monsters right?"
me: "hm... wait it might be an early access title, they might not have that in yet."

@jk it genuinely sucks some of the fun out of it for me when i'm playing a jrpg and realize that no matter how cool my party is, i'll never have to pit it against another player with access to the same tools as i had

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