when were kids me and my friend would call those RF antenna switchers that you'd connect your games console up to the TV so you can switch between the aerial and the games console, they had a switch that said "TV <---> GAME/SPIEL" we'd call those a Gamespiel because that's what it said. he'd bring his nintendo over and be like "have you got a gamespiel" or "i've lost my gamespiel! my dad won't let me plug it in at home unless its plugged in via the gamespiel! i can't leave until we've found it"

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fucking amazingly, for me at least, the first result on google image search for "gamespiel" is one of these

much later on me and a different friend started referring to any RCA-to-1/4" audio adaptor as a "bishnav" for reasons unknown. i think it's more or less a generic term for me now. "we'll have to plug it in with the bishnav i think". any music made was via the bishnav. we'd make sure to thank the bishnav for its hard work

@jk chaining multiple consoles and gamespiels was just... yessss!

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