brain learning &
self improvement tips:

- strong your learn muscle
- improvement.
- 3. succeed success


brain skill - increase your brain
volume 2 .

- do whats difficult
- do what is hard.
- easy peasy does it. dont sweat the details.
- SMART Goals: Specific. Mart. Art. RT those memes. Testosterone
- learn piano
- stop
- don't give up
- detail focused. detail oriented
- stop
- start drinking water. stop doing everything else
- never stop. keep going
- remember to take a break to drink more water

@jk I was doing it wrong the whole time !!! (water before math)

@jk I've never felt so motivated in my life

@jk > don't give up

the most sampled peter gabriel song of all time, eh?

@schratze if you don't like water you can drink one of the other common substances on earth:

- nitrogen
- sand

@jk I hear iron is also really abundant, plus it occurs naturally in liquid form!

@schratze good luck getting all the way down there to find it!!!

@celesteh @schratze @jk i think i cracked this one.

so, if you're dehydrated, your brain volume will shrink just because it doesn't have so much water. thus drinking more water is the quickest way to increase brain volume.

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