every day for the last week i have thought about this hare that lived 518 years ago

@jk i think this about dogs in paintings and old photos and grainy film footage. i think wow, dogs have always been dogs. they have always been just so

@jk You are only really dead when you are forgotten, so thanks for keeping this bunny alive!

@jk for over a month I've been thinking about this kick ass bowl someone made 2114 years ago

@kris any copyright on that design must have expired by now...

@rusty it's good on the other sides too, also:

"The figure holds a severed head that probably alludes to capture of an enemy’s life force, since severed heads and fertility are linked in Nasca art."

@jk We've got prints of Durer's Hare on the coffee table's runner. Not the best reproduction and it's been damaged a bit by coffee stains but it's still amazing to look at, really.

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