would i wear a 64x128 oled screen connected to a 2.4 GHz spectrum analyser on my wrist instead of a watch? possibly

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@jk their overal design and pcb real estate usage is great, and someone i know is making a similar thing. Personally way too happy with my Seiko which also has a custom PCB but that's for watch plate aesthetics :D

@f0x @jk I had been working on my own arduino nano oled watch for a while, and was working on moving the project to an esp32 but lost interest when I got a pebble. I’ll be saving this link for later!

@jk could you like. mount a small battery and arduino type thing behind your ear like a hearing aid and connect that to this as an earring?? and display whatever you like on it? would be extremely good if you could connect it to TWO earrings

@jk really i think the best thing you could display on it would be live tv. extremely 90s tech futurist dreams

@envgen @jk these things typically don't do shades of gray though, and their refresh rate changes based on temperature, so time-based dithering techniques are unreliable.

rockbox on a sansa clip has to resort to using random noise to draw grays on static images, and it looks very messy :-(

@devurandom @envgen
galaxy brain: wiggly pcb trace behind the screen that heats up

@envgen @jk I’d put on a longer wire and carry the hardware somewhere more comfortable.

@envgen @jk Also electronic jewellery design is something I’d incredibly enjoy in general. Really should try having a proper go at it.

@jk knowing where the good wifi is is cooler and more useful than knowing what time it is

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