brain learning &
self improvement tips:

- strong your learn muscle
- improvement.
- 3. succeed success

brain skill - increase your brain
volume 2 .

- do whats difficult
- do what is hard.
- easy peasy does it. dont sweat the details.
- SMART Goals: Specific. Mart. Art. RT those memes. Testosterone
- learn piano
- stop
- don't give up
- detail focused. detail oriented
- stop
- start drinking water. stop doing everything else
- never stop. keep going
- remember to take a break to drink more water


@schratze if you don't like water you can drink one of the other common substances on earth:

- nitrogen
- sand

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@jk I hear iron is also really abundant, plus it occurs naturally in liquid form!

@schratze good luck getting all the way down there to find it!!!

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