one of the main aviation safety issues is that the pilots sit at the front of the plane, so they have no idea whether any of the rest of the plane behind them is still there

@jk they should make the entire plane out of the front of the plane

@revenant @jk

Materials need to build an airplane:
• one (1) airplane

@jk They should just make everyone a pilot before they can fly

@stolas @jk
"When everyone can fly, no one can."
- Syndrome


reminds me of the warning label (to prevent dangerous stuff being loaded into passenger aircraft), surely its a bit too late as the aircraft on the label has already fallen to pieces (it is missing the front part), so isn't going anywhere soon anyway 😁

@jk Clearly they should put the cockpit in the tail, with a good overview of the body of the plane.

(More srsly: wondering why modern planes don't have cams pointing at each of the engines and control surfaces.)

@woozle @jk I imagine trying to wire that up in the dynamic environment of air travel is probably not cost effective.

@jk This is why when the kid in the seat behind me kicks the back of my seat, I turn around and thank him for his service.

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