for the last 10 years i periodically ask someone whos really into 3d printers "are 3d printers actually good yet?" and they're like "yeah! theyre amazing!" and then i actually do my own research and they still take like 19 hours to print anything and they can't print anything bigger than about 25 or 30cm wide, and even the best ones have lines on everything you have to sand off, or resin curing bullshit to deal with, and even the ones that cost $4000 still have several (or all) of these problems

so there's four possibilities:

1. 3D printer enthusiasts just have really low standards for the machines

2. i have unrealistically high standards for what a 3D printer should be (most likely)

3. 3D printers aren't good yet but they will be in the future

4. 3D printers are pretty much as good as they ever will be, and won't get that much better in the future since they have hit practical mechanical limits


if the truth is that 3D printers are just kind of shitty, then i could get behind that and buy a really cheap one and get shitty results and be okay with it, because at least i didn't invest too much money. but that isn't how it works!!! you buy a cheap one and it just doesn't work at all, unless you also invest weeks into learning all about them in order to make it work, and probably buying more shit too

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@jk What's cheap? 200-300 will get you one that'll work and be as 'shitty' as the rest of them, as in it'll have layer lines and take time to print, but be reliable and consistent. Printing itself has a lot of tweakable settings, but it'll come with a ready made profile usually or get a common one.

@jk (by the way for some reason I've been reading your posts particularly in David Lynch's yelling agent Cole voice and it's been great.)

@jk again it depends on your expectations and what you consider cheap and shitty. This was my first 3D printer. It worked pretty well straight out of the box with PLA.

It's definitely small and limited in materials, but I've since upgraded to an Ender model with a lot more capabilities and haven't used it in a year as it's much more finicky. Or rather printing in materials other than PLA are finicky...

@Danbert8 oh yeah, i've heard about these ones! they're always out of stock!

@jk I can send you my old one, but no guarantees it works out of the box. I've had to replace some parts and it's been sitting for quite awhile.

3D printing 

@jk I think 3D printing is still WIP, I have 2 home made printers with mixed components, some expensive, some shitty, and a resin one.
They are good if you want to fast prototype something or just fix something quick and don't want to pay shitload of money for a broken plastic piece.
Lot of people use them to print figures and stuff, for this you have to spend lot of time for calibrations and have good components installed, and even after that you will have to do manual work.
The resin ones are more detailed for figures, but the material is weaker, so using them for printing a door handle wouldn't work. The detail is so high that you have to look very close to realize that is 3D printed.

I use the printers mostly for home stuff, small repairs and so, don’t care about quality too much.
Desing it, print it and use it, the yellow hanger for example took like 15 min to be made completelly.
The door handle for example took some more time for measurements, design and the work before, but can you spot the 3D printed one?

3D printing 

how did you make a chrome piece? or is it gray?

@jk Keep your expectations low, and your wallet open ;)

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