its fucked up nowadays, you cant just make a thing. you have to make a running series of that thing, which goes on forever, and has a patreon, a mailing list, a discord channel, an official wiki, a fan wiki, a prima strategy guide, its own cryptocurrency, flag, national anthem, nuclear deterrent, etc

@jk prima still writes strategy guides? I thought they died like bradygames did

@jk Don't forget an NFT of some sort.... seems to be de rigueur at the moment.

@jk how to be creative
1. make a thing
2. save in folder
3. don't publish
4. done

@astamite this is what i do! yesterday i did an animation in blender! rendered it and put it into a folder. nice!!

@jk but imagine all the toot engagement(tm) you're missing out on just leaving in there!

@jk Well, my cartoons have been a running thing, but it's only been going on the Web since 1993. No Patreon, no mailing list, no discord channel, no wikis, no crypto, no flag.

The anthem at the moment is Green Day's "American Idiot".

My cartoons are their own nuclear deterrent.

@jk I know right, welcome to content churn city

@jk if you don't need to make money...

And could make a thing on bandcamp? Kofi is (haven't really payed to that one) I guess if thing is popular people ask for more, but that was always the case..

@jk Probably needs its own Mastodon or Pleroma instance, too.


Your chart is ready, and can be found here:

Things may have changed since I started compiling that, and some things may have been inaccessible.

The chart will eventually be deleted, so if you'd like to keep it, make sure you download a copy.

@dhfir Thank you.

Not everyone agrees, but I find it the easiest way to grok larger discussions.

@dhfir I'm working on ways to navigate larger discussions, and in another system I have the ability to reply to multiple nodes, thus drawing together threads that have diverged, but which reach the same point.

Work in progress.

@jk if you're critiquing hellsites nuclear stockpile then I'm going to have words

I say fuck all that & just make my things... why the zzt not?

@jk In money based society we play trade game, ir won't be in trade-free society

@jk i make things and leave them sometimes. If you like, Check out for examples of some oneoff micro art projects. Or - i stopped paying for some plugins and the site works but the chat does not. Nobody used it, 300 or so signed up. Experiment from last year. :-) //. Its okay to be done with a thing, Imho- and it feels good to cut it loose too, sometimes. Or can be a learned skill methinks. 🙃

@jk corollary: if you just make a thing, all those other things eventually happen without you.

@jk in short, you have to create A BRAND
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