@jk That is very nice. We get a couple of Robins coming into our garden. Got some great pics of them the other day ...

Those are some nice creatures!

Nice camera too! Looks like you either have very tame creatures or quite a nice zoom lens.

@kingannoy i filmed it on my phone! both the robin and the mouse were very close, extremely friendly and inquisitive, i could have reached out and touched them if i wanted!

Wow, that's a Disney princess level experience 😃 Really cool!

@kingannoy its true what they say. the best zoom lens is your legs!

I had my own Disney princess experience just now!

These ducks were all like: "What? Me? Trying to get at some of those snacks your eating? I'd never, I'm just cleaning my feathers over here..." and you'd rustle the crisps bag and they'd snap to attention 😅

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