tired: array of eggs

wired: egg of arrays

@jk and if you are using C and lose track of your pointers, those eggs are going to get scrambled as well as likely segfault 😁

@jk I'm keeping ALL of my eggs in this basket... the basket of... mapped memory

@SuricrasiaOnline @jk

egg *basket = malloc(64 *sizeof(egg)); // be aware of potential endianness issues

@vfrmedia @jk endianness problems with eggs are like... pointy end first or last

@SuricrasiaOnline @vfrmedia i very much relate to eggs on the level that they aren't symmetrical. i cannot relate to a platonic solid. but an egg? seems like a simple version of me. on some level

@jk I am horribly confused by this but I just felt called out for my trans egg past.

"Egg-oriented design" has me imagining a clothing store with extremely gendered clothes, all the "BOYS" and "GIRLS" signs spraypainted over and "STILL CIS THOUGH" written on them.

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