the web is a kind of box where you write "what are the worlds best socks" and it says "these are the worlds best socks" and you buy them and they're the world's worst socks

ive been researching socks for the first time in my life, and it seems that to people who care about what kind of socks they buy, theres only two types of socks: "I'm Going To Alaska And I Might Not Return" and "Socks That Literally Have Butter In Them"

there's a LOT of socks that purport to fix some kind of medical issue, but none that seem to be able to treat the whole "having human feet" thing

@jk i think if you asked google what the best socks were you would end up with socks with a charging station and an internet connection

@BDA @jk

and that give you a "choice" of watching adverts online, paying a subscription *or* randomly having 120 volts applied to your toes..

@jk I have been looking for thick merino wool tabi socks for a year.

@jk Japanese tabi socks? At least then you can move your big toe usefully.

@jk I’ve seen socks that look like bird feet


to be fair, very few coyotes have human feet, so

*ducks and flees*

@jk I get mine from . They're a small shop that really do love socks.

FWIW my favorites are Thought's bamboo socks.

AFAIK they do not contain butter, you have to add your own 😛

@jk as the local hater of socks who i think before today had gone on a month long sock free streak, i picked up some bamboo socks on a whim and theyre v v nice

theyre mildly butter-y, but ive definitely had socks that were more dairy filled for sure

@avie i actually bought some bamboo socks right after my original post, and they're really good!! i actually bought two types, the regular type and the type that have a separate toe. can't decide which i prefer. i maybe i prefer the weirder ones

@jk bamboo socks are the best, unfortunately don't last very long, at least the ones I had

@jk I am a human on the internet, and I recommend either Darn Tough or Smartwool. If you’d like to send me some pictures of buses or stoplights to prove I have feet, dm me.

@dustin @jk I love my darn tough socks but they do solidly fit in the "going to alaska and will never return" category

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