if you look up european game developers on wikipedia its always like "their demogroup's most famous prod won first place in 1995" whereas if you look up american game developers its like "with help from their father, they started their first e-commerce startup at the age of 15"

@jk if you look at the mobygames page of every dude who's like a CEO in the UK games industry today their first game credit is always something like this

@jplebreton @jk 'cos the UK had far less disposable income in the 80s than the USA. Early gaming machines like the Apple II were way off most families' budget. So the wealthy US family who could afford an Apple II could also afford a downpayment to start a business

@jplebreton @jk UK computers were way cheaper. Heck, it's no coincidence that Dundee became a game dev centre: that's where ZX Spectrums were made, and if you knew the right folks, they could steal one off the production line for you for a few quid.

Mutant Monty's a good one. The ZX Spectrum version's likely the best, but here's what you linked to

@scruss @jk totally yeah, and i hope my post there didn't come off as inadvertently mocking - the joke for me is more the clash of eras than anything parochial about britsoft. i absolutely love that the ZX line was so affordable (and even the Micro was roughly C64-priced) and wish there had been something comparable during my US childhood. and i've always admired the cleverness and design parsimony of that era of UK games.

@jplebreton there were so many games developed with just a speccie, some squared (graph) paper, the Spectrum ROM disassembly book and a knock-off copy of the Devpac assembler on tape

The *really* cool computers were ones like the Yugoslavian Galaksija:

@jplebreton @jk Amazing image description. Haha! Thanks for doing one! :)

@jk to be fair though for a good 20 years every European game was a platformer that included drops of water that kill you instantly on contact

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