its fucked up that the whole "new wi-fi standard thats going to be integrated into everything and allows continuous recognition and tracking of humans and objects in 3D space through walls" isn't something that anyone seems to really know or care about

@jk the hell?? This is the first im hearinh about this and it sounds sooooo disturbing

@jk thx for the article, very informative, just...

fuck me sideways this is some dystopian sci fi shit. Very shook right now. :((((

@jk Like, this could be really cool if used for accessibility and stuff, but of course it won't.

@jk @tuddr I went looking for independent verification and once I knew the protocol name it was actually surprisingly easy to find out that yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. fucked up. looks like you might be able to keep tabs on the status of the project here. I'm not 100% sure but it looks like the tech isn't entirely in place and no regulators are going to approve it until at least January, at least

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