me: heres my new linux setup

you: oh that's really cool!! how did you set that up!

me: ughh well ughh. well don't ask. it was a nightmare. it took days to get everything to work. i'm not sure actually how i did. technically it shouldn't even be working. i doubt i could ever re-create it. there's a few parts that i do remember, but you shouldn't try them because it was a while ago now and it probably works different. also it might break soon. i think it's already broken possibly

@jk some outputs on my startup are already giving “warning” or “failed” messages but nothing seems broken yet.

@jk the most exciting part about being a Linux newbie is that maintaining a setup is much more like an art project than a science experiment.

@jk Me too. the best idea is to record everything you installed, and everything you did to configure it next time it breaks.... it helped me countless times.

@Linux_in_a_Bit pipe entire bash history into a script called "" i guess

@jk @Linux_in_a_Bit god it's so easy just remember that you found the answer in a thread from may 2013 by a poster named igxcor19 on page 17 when he linked to a diff on another user's university hosting site.

@jk the fact that I function at all is a miracle, and i want my OS to be the same

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