hey!!! any on masto?? im willing to sell sponsored posts on my account.

terms and conditions: i will not actually post any of your terrible adverts and i will just take all your money and i will paypal it to people on here who are in financial distress

@jk You are the hero Gotham^H^H^H^H^H^HMastodon needs.

@jk can I pay in pictures of pineapples?

Does the alteration help at all?

@jk ur not supposed to TELL them that you goddamn

Hero :blobfistbumpB:

@jk this honestly kind of makes me want to set up a self-serve advertising system on my website that only shows ads to people who have set up an account to buy ads
so it looks to THEM like their ad is visible, but no one else sees them

@SpindleyQ i think this is secretly how a lot of the ad industry almost works

@SpindleyQ @jk need to be sure to have some bots that see the ads too and click through them so they think they are actually getting click-through for the ads.

@jk if we are trying to promote something actually good and helpful can we actually get you to mention it AND use the money to help people in distress?

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