when i was a kid i got a CD-ROM in a box of cereal that was full of disney wallpapers and screensavers, and immediately installed them all onto my dads computer, and in the ensuing attempt to remove it all when he found out, i broke something, and for the next 5 years every time you started up the computer, it would produce 20+ identical error messages that each said something like "101dalmatians.exe has performed an illegal operation"

@jk I nearly bricked our family computer installing a Star Wars screensaver pack when I was younger. Luckily, my friend's dad was good with Win3.1, and introduced me to the wonders of autoexec.bat, the REM command, and restoring a working boot sequence by trial and error.

@jk windows 3.1 didn't properly block inputs from full screen games reaching the system, so somehow as a young kid i managed to delete program manager while playing mr. potato head saves veggie valley

@Dex @jk Pretty sure someone in our house managed to drag C:\WINDOWS to some random location in Explorer and confine us to Dos for a few hours. This must have been either 3.1 or '95 and I've no idea how either of them allowed it since usually I can't move anything more important than a photograph without Windows wanting to reboot five times.

@Dex @jk you saved veggie valley............ but at what cost

@jk Wow. lol

Worst I ever did was sneak into my parent's bedroom while they were still sleeping and start up their computer in order to start downloading a shareware game over dialup.

All the while, I was hoping to God the initial beep from the BIOS during bootup didn't wake them up, nor the keyboard or squeaky office chair.

@jk My parents never really used computers at home back then. It was only me, but theirs was the only one with internet at the time, so they had me at a stranglehold.

This was mainly just their way of trying to make sure I didn't ruin their brand new Dell Pentium III 450MHz with 96MB of RAM & a 9.1GB hard drive running Windows 98.

@jk illegal to have 101 dalmations executing operations in your pc

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