me: castles are brutalist. gothic architecture is brutalist

architecture professor: please can you leave now

me: the sony playstation 2 is a brutalist building

@jk [looking at my yellow as fuck north american SNES] beautifully weathered brutalist architecture

@jk @revenant I mean - that pic is not far off of the SNES+PS1 combo.

@revenant @jk would you say the Atari 2600 was brutalist or more just plain misanthropic and sadistic

@jk they call it brutalist architecture because every time you look at it it smacks you in the face and laughs

@jk organic chemistry professor: how did you even get into this class

@eel @jk I dunno, man. It's got stripes. Usually that means it's postmodern.

@jk i just want to say that we have a building in boston that looks like a giant shiny ps4

possibly obscure reference 

@jk @catoutofbed is it only open for half an hour

you: the ps2 is a brutalist building

me, an intellectual:

@jk this is the former Fortum headquarters, in Espoo, Finland

@vurpo @jk

AT&T would like a word

(AT&T Long Lines building in New York and headquarters in Texas)

@jk i once changed my nickname on a discord server to "gothic brutalism"

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