1970s: <noun>-beat
1980s: <noun>-rock
1990s: <noun>-hop
2000s: <noun>-core
2010s: <noun>-wave

the Tubes of You ™ doesn't seem to think that "vapourstep" is a thing....

@er1n @jk

@jk 1950s: <noun>-nick
1960s <adjective or exclamation>-ie

@bunnyhero @jk While boopsnout and tootsnout sound very similar to the uninitiated, their proponents insist that they are completely different and will react violently to anyone who points out similarities.

@jk I'm ready for the musical wave-particle duality

@jk @abbenm

*waits a minute, the entire vaporcore goes critical, explodes, destroying reality with it*

*sighs a moment later, scrapes the spaghetti-os back into the bowl off the ceiling of reality's remnants, rummages around for a spoon*

( reading _City Come A-Walkin'_, first printed July of '80....

probably-mostly-fake genre-of-the-future is "angst rock"

it checks out..... )


2020s: <noun>-and-roll
2030s: <noun>-a-billy
2040s: <noun>-wurst
2050s: <noun>-with-egg
2060s: <noun>-pants


2020s : <noun>-time

I just think Joplin's due for a comeback, feel it in my bones.

@_ampersand @jk

hopefully they can clone her in the 2060s so she can start the post-pre-retro-wave-folk revolution


2020s: <noun>-rot
2030s: <noun>-punk
2040s: <noun>-hack

@lyliawisteria yeah but theyre the only two arent they, and one is a play on the other

@balglaas yeah but what other waves were there! no wave. that’s it. two!!

@jk little known fact that the musical scene in liverpool has followed exactly this trend but nobody's heard of anything past merseybeat

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