2017: people wearing earphones in their nostrils like its normal

2018: its now possible to convert nationwide sentiment directly into MIDI

2019: most towns have a furry disco

2020: special bypass surgery to make sure none of your thoughts go through your brain anymore

2021: asteroid

LB: my future predictions from 2016

@jk early 2018: nationwide sentiment as MIDI always produces a C# Major 7th chord until an economic crisis causes general concern, which results in a sharp eleventh

@jk *closely inspects this timeline* where are my cyber fursuits josef

@ammodendri they were invented in 2005 at los alamos national laboratory

@jk oh cool. on an unrelated note would you know how to break into the los alamos national laboratory. just out of like. curiosity

@jk uncanny and troublesome how right you are so far

@jk 1. got a feeling that a lot of today's ppl got that bypass already 2. could we somehow speed up that astroid thing?

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