@jk <gif of roadrunner pausing to read sign in desert pointing to "Uncanny Valley">

@jk it's more beautiful than i ever imagined

@jk I wonder if I can make this my phone's wallpaper.

@jk Apparently it's not a trivial question, though.

I dunno how phone OS people can stay hip with today's young crowds without a built-in way of using short Internet videos as wallpapers.

@thelsdj yeah this is actually an early version, if you notice the one in my avatar doesnt have that problem. i can't be bothered to re-render it though

@jk oh shit, looking at the avatar I now realize that the coyote is rotating but in this high res render its the camera, decades from now there will be conspiracy theories built on this.

@thelsdj the avatar has actually changed several times, mostly because it was using too much bandwidth at one point

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