so this one time, i was out in the middle of the night, and i found a bunch of UNLABELLED VHS TAPES in a bag on the street, at like 3 AM, and i took them home, and they were full of Star Trek TNG re-runs recorded off the TV in about 1999

however ONE OF THEM was full of homemade, early-90s era vintage gay s&m/spanking porn

what this taught me, is that: In Fact, The World Turns Out To Work Exactly How You Expected

also i still have the tapes, and i forgot which one was the porn and which were the star trek

@jk i LOVE coming across media like this out in the wild, i love the incongruous and vaguely intimidating quality only unlabelled VHSes and photo albums have

@fardraut i was frankly relieved that it just turned out to be some guy's butt getting hit with a stick tbh

@jk i'd be a little put out that it wasn't weirder! a coworker of mine found a photo album full of raunchy photos of someone's significant other which was really funny to put on the shelves for other people to discover in horror

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