hello fello 2O-somethings!!!

does anyone else remember. The Nintendo GameCube,

its cool that the gamecube had a handle, encouraging you to throw it at your sibling

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@jk the heft on those things was pretty surprising for how small it was.

@Nine it's a marvel of engineering, it has the prettiest motherboard ever; CPU, then the graphics chip, followed by 2 RAM chips! even *i* can understand that

@jk ...that actually IS beautiful. goddamn. O_O it's... it's so TIDY.

@StarshipAmelia that was SO GOOD! me and my cousin played thru the whole of Majoras Mask on that bc we couldnt find a memory expansion thing for the n64

@jk Until I actually got Wind Waker I'd challenge myself to get as far as possible in the 20 minute timer in one of the wind waker demo saves! iirc I got somewhere early in the first dungeon, starting from the first (non hostile) island.

Gods this is making me want to find the gamecube and an old tv or something >_>

Dolphin would probably be easier. Hmm.

@StarshipAmelia shit that's like a really interesting speedrunning setup?? I actually started playing Wind Waker properly for the first time with my gf @roadrunner, we set up her old Wii with homebrew & Nintendon't and put a bunch of ISOs on an SD card and it loads them & works flawlessly!

@jk I wonder how far you could get on the demo build if you remove the time limit... (Also what the actual limit is within the time limit if one uses tons of glitches and stuff)

I've thought about trying out homebrew stuff with my old ds lite and the old wii, but the dslite would need me to buy a flash cart? I think? (And the Wii is still in moderate use, so I don't want to mess it up accidentally!)

@StarshipAmelia dang i missed these toots, yeah i think it was too difficult to work out which assets to remove so they just included the whole thing. i guess wind waker isnt that big because of the low-res textures etc

@jk No worries!

Yeah a quick search on totally legitimate iso/rom sites seems to suggest that the wind waker is approximately 1.1GB, which would leave 400MB for the two n64 games and the two NES games, which seems reasonable? It's so wild how much game they can pack in so little space tho!

@jk ahahah yes the cube. Oh the games we played Wait, the cube was a game console? It wasn't the computer Steve Jobs hired people to make after getting kicked out of Apple?

@jk Top gaming console, I really loved Mario Cart on it, as well as Zelda. All the never Mario Carts didn't even get close, IMHO.

@jk hey, I'm still 20 something for a month or so! I'm included, yay! Yeah, I remember that thing. I think I played it last year, but only because this year has been too full of switch gaming to play any other 'tendo.

@jk fuck, I was in the middle of my twenties when that post was tooted.

@jk ahhhhh you mean the cube that I store my games in

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