the thing about this is that if you just hold it down for even longer than this video, it goes to "complete white noise" and then eventually it just goes back to a '''nice''' sound again. but it takes like 2 and a half minutes

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@body i can die happy now i have managed to express the feeling of our time

@jk I could just listen to a whole song of this type of thing on repeat

@jk you have some awesome DX7 sounds on here besides that

@jk oh cool - I just recently got a DX7 and haven't made it past the 101 brick wall learning curve yet (bound to happen tho)

@heyexit oool! from my experience you've just gotta block off a few hours and sit in front of it and get an idea of what does what, really. just kinda decompose the various sounds you want to put together and think about how to get to them? the "mute/unmute operators 1-6" buttons are your friend!!

@jk ah, good to know! it's funny to pore over the manual and "FM Synthesis Made Easy!" books from the 80s with their like, staggering verbosity

@heyexit haha yeah, it's something i think you can only get a good feel for in practice rather than reading the theory (which is usually pretty poorly explained by most books!) e.g. by starting at the simplest possible sounds (e.g. only using two operators in series) and seeing all the various things you can do with it, and then when that gets too limiting you end up adding more stuff, and the complexity kinda builds naturally

@jk jam damnit i boosted that one back in th day I had to do the ol unboostboost-boost

@jk Do you edit these directly on the keyboard or have you dug up the old MAX patches, etc that can be used to program these things?

@jk brb uploading this to the SCP wiki as a EUCLID classification entity that traps its victims forever making this ultimate sound.

@jk The beginning reminds me of something... It sounds cool!

@jk vanilla sauce started pouring out of my third eye. Do you have another sound to make it stop again?

Haha! Started out sounding like the opening theme to "Quantum Leap", then ended with me waiting for the EDM drop. 😁

@jk makes me think of a Megadrive shmup intro: everything is nice and happy, then at 0:12 aliens attack and blow up everything

@jk excellent to still having one ! I had one but now just have an expander 81Z . Anyway with csound we manage very good synthesis !!

@jk i don't know how i didn't see this two years ago but i want you to know that it's perfect

@jk I was waiting for 80s-style lightning bolts to shoot out of the keyboard and throw you across the room, and WHAM!, suddenly you have 80s-style super powers or something.

@jk Ah! Nice to know how Jean-Michel Jarre did it. 😀

@jk It sounds like the keyboard is just about to reach V1 and rotate away from the runway any moment now... 🤣 😂

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