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josef @jk

"what is the deal with that guitar pedal... is that.. a composite video output??"

"yeah its a raspberry pi. its actually running a mastodon instance right now"

@jk OMG that's so rad. I'm super interested in things people are doing with their Raspberry Pis. Guitar pedal to audio/video file to mastodon instance is a new one to me. :)

@jk okay but like

a programming language written entirely in sick guitar riffs

@Nine @jk then you'd have to use it to build a clone of RockSmith.

@jk a drumkit that's actually made out of computers that all run mastodon instances

@boots cant wait to join Da Snare . Zone

@envgen ah its him!! err whats his name. cassette drive motor belt man

@Tom @envgen da da da da da inspector dashcam,

@jk toot! I mean, push! I mean, riff!