not joking here. serious post. if it becomes impossible to block ads at some point i'll just end up browsing the web like stallman does, furiously tapping the hook switch on a 1950s bell telephone to approximate V.32 9.6 kbps frequency/phase shift keying, with the telephone's audio output connected to one of those seismogram plotters. this will give me a paper copy that i can annotate & peruse at my leisure (ie write in the data in pencil, mark the start of packets with a highlighter)

@jk Hey that's a great startup idea! 'Handcrafed artisinal organic personal steampunk Web shoppers'. All bits moved by 100% human operators, no robots. I reckon we can get a million high-value thinkfluencers signing up to that in the first month, and then we hit 'em with the holographic unskippable video ads.

@jk just had a vision of you drawing a youtube video frame by frame and the flipping through the pages to make it move 👏

@MightyPork h.264 is a fuckin NIGHTMARE to decode by hand

@jk or, you can get the list of ad domains and block them within your system
(that's for windows, but certainly every OS has that capability)

@jk no worries

Analog radio and telephony will be forbidden by then

@saper @jk or simply made unusable by cheap switchmodes and the interference they dump back into the mains..

@jk I read an article by stallman which said overall steam was good for gnu/Linux and o was shocked and appalled that's he's mellowed. Who knows how he browses the Web now.

@jk Hosts-based blocking (with a cron to update it) works really well in my experience. I usually see exactly one ad per week, and that's on a private tracker that serves nsfw ads from their own domain.
However, if your work is in any way related to ads/tracking, this is a no-go. It breaks everything in that regard, which is acceptable/positive to me, but not if your income depends on it.

@jk It's one of the reasons I use Paywall Breaker to grab some articles for me. If I can't fight through the ads or have to pay monthly for a single article.. Jackhammer or fuck it.

@jk or we could move to SAFEnetwork which should make ads opt-in, annnnnd at the same time offers alternative ways of making money off content and from apps (so less need to rely on ad revenue).

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