@jk I wonder if paul rudolph would have used that

@jk I've never seen a computer that just screamed "I AM MADE OF CONCRETE AND THIS MAKES ME SERIOUS BUSINESS PC".

@jk *resists urge to paint in aesthetic colours*

@jk My aunt had this but with a color monitor. I haven't seen that menu in at least 20 years, holy shit.

@jk oh fuck i remember these. especially the lil wheels under the display for brightness and contrast. maybe we had one in school? or the local library or something?

@jk I didn't think I'd ever see a brutalist computer but there you have it

@Thaminga arguably a lot of 80s computers are brutalist, what with all the fake grills & boxy looks. but. this ones takin it to a new level

@jk yeah I suppose my baseline for computer design is pretty brutalist as it is

@jk Really, I feel like the entire 1987-1994 or so design language of IBM desktops is rather brutalist. Here's the PS/2 Model 80, one of the original PS/2 models.

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