@envgen @jk the four columns everyone needs: home, notifications, local, and josef's arms

@jk oh, wow, this is something supremely special. It sounds awesome, then it sounds awesomer.

@jk lil' ol' '80s electric piano ascends into space and blows everyone's minds 💙

@sixohsix @jk share the .MID sysex! I will load it up into my TX816, and we can hear what 8 of them playing at once sounds like.

@jk @wohali @sixohsix i too am interested in this sysex. my Dexed yearns for this sound

@jk you programmed this on the DX7 itself? With that tiny display and the few buttons and layers of menus?! That's wild.

@sixohsix yeah!! dx7 is really good. all the bad things are propaganda. it doesnt have any menu layers at all. it's really straightforward compared to most 80s menu-driven synths.

it basically just has 3 modes it can be in: "select patch", "global settings" and "patch settings". in each one you just pick the button with the parameter you want to change, and change it using the slider. thats it

@jk @asonix awww it's missing the finale where you shake it so hard the whole piano falls down and the neighbors below start bashing the ceiling with a broomstick

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