it's my firm opinion that garry's mod vids never stopped being funny

@envgen this is the last Garrys Mod Adjacent Aesthetic Type Of Video I Have Loved:

@envgen oh yeah i think i talked about it pretty early on on memhaz?? my fav ones are the classic Meow Meow I Am A Cat,

but ALSO the little-known 'the world is sick, the world is dying. the world is vomiting, its an ecological catastrophe, there are so many cows, but you can help etc':

@jk oh BOYE it's been a while since i seen this one

like. i *think* whoever made these probably knew exactly what they were doing. i'm *almost* sure. but not *quite*. and it's that sliver of uncertainty that i find terrifying

@jk that whole scene from 1:34 to 2:11 might be one of the best scenes in anything ever

@jk tired: saving planet earth, small steps
wired: saving planet earth, giant steps


@envgen due to watching these i am NOT going to be able to write any more lyrics tonight

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