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expired: piano roll

tired: tracker-style pattern editor

wired: REPL where you can query, add, and modify notes using SQL

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i legit wish I had this right now, I want to take all of the notes that are below a certain velocity and randomly pan them

@jk quick, write a python script to process midi files

@jk honestly, handling this sort of shit is kind of why I'm interested in programming, both in general and with music

@jk panning gimmicks

@jk should be possible with pd or SuperCollider. Hell, I could probably write you a script.....

@celesteh well yeah but literally ANY solution that involves exporting/importing a MIDI file is gonna take longer than just doing it in my DAW by hand

@jk built on a postgresql extension for musical notation that adds functions to do things like key changes timing quantization and whatnot.