im sorry i am unavailable right now as I am busy working on this nauseating bass line. please leave a message, after the nauseating bass line

@jk Remember ringback tones?

I want this as a ringback tone.

@jk ok this has now been on a loop for 3 minutes and i didn't realise whoops

@regresssion maybe i should just realise that as the fucking song

@jk tbh you can probably pass an album of 60 15s loops off as avantgarde and you'll rake in them numbers

@jk that bass line is really 1983 I’m a really good way

@jk o hey its the soundtrack from big josef in little josef

@jk holy shit I just watched the music video for this song fffffff it's amazing

@morae it’s been one of my favs for years!!!

@jk I've seen the movie dozens of times and I always knew John Carpenter was a goofball but I didn't know he made an entire goofband with his goofboys

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