me: so what do you think

you: i can see where youre coming from. but your plan to hack into the banking system and set everybodys bank balance to $69,420 would not actually create communism

@jk counterpoint: THats exactly how communism works, I thought about reading the communist manifesto once I know what Im talking about

@Concerned_Commy @jk For finally realizing the dreams of More, Marx, Engels and countless others you are awarded with this Gargy Award! (to be shared equally with the whole fediverse, of course...)

@jk it absolutely would create communism and I',m going to do this


me: what if we hacked it REALLY hard

you:'s not --


@jk don't you know the famous saying of Karl Marx: "It is high time that Communists should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish the weed number and the sex number, at once"

@jk Among other problems, not everyone has a bank account, and some people have multiple.

@jk there is a spectre haunting Europe - the spectre of the weed number and the sex number

@noiob @jk gargron please allow me to pin other peoples toots so I can pin this

@jk No, no, you don't get it. It's that EVERY MONTH everybody's bank balance is set to $69,420.

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