its interesting that pinterests entire business model is to download every single image on the internet, and put them all on a web page, and when you click on them it tells you to join pinterest

im sure i thought of this business model myself in about 2002, but my teacher old me off because it was copyright infringement, and also i think microsoft frontpage would crash with more than about 100 snowman gifs

i think later on, in about 2005, a different teacher gave me a copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver, then i knew i was fuckin playin with power. playin with fire. dangerous amounts of power. i could probably do anything. heres some examples: you could make a gallery of your counter strike screenshots. semi-automatically!!! fucking hell

it was counter strike 1.6 i think, because while counter strike source DID run on my computer, if you loaded up one of the de_dusts, windows would bluescreen. thanks Silicon Integrated Systems for your incredibly powerful driver

do you remember back in 2005 when you bought a game, and it just crashed, and there was no driver update, and there never would be, and the only thing you could do was either take the game back to the store, or buy a new graphics card

@Damage in the old days you would do things like, pour concrete into peoples driveway, and theyd give you money, or maybe youd give em an apple, and theyd give you money. these days u cant do that. u have to make them click on a image

@jk @Damage I poured concrete on an apple and DARPA gave me a grant for 3,500,000 dollars

@jk i actually hate pinterest, cause i found this photo i want to use as an album cover, right? but i gotta find the source and ask them permission

but thanks to pinterest, it's been reposted on there like 80 billion times and if there is a source anywhere they're totally obscured

@merylsk @jk What's the likelihood that the source is on Pinterest at all? Wouldn't you be better off doing a reverse image search?

@seanl @merylsk whenever i do a reverse image search i just get more pinterest results

@seanl @jk well yeah, if i reverse google search it, pinterest litters the results for pages and pages

@merylsk @jk Hmm. I haven't tried it, but can you add "" or something like that to the query?

@seanl @jk maybe, i don't think i've ever tried search queries like that before

@jk oh, man, MS Frontpage

I am suddenly overcome with feels for a bygone and more innocent age

@jk *inserty witty remark about state of linux GPU drivers*

@jk I wish I could make the terrible website I made in flash run to show off without working on it.

@jk I hate that. All I want is some quick info. I avoid all results from pintrest anymore.

@jk I hate it so much. They don't own those images, stop acting like I need an account to view them. Now I do searches with -pinterest

@chengeling @jk "Step 1: Contaminate the Google search results, Step 2: figure out something to sell" is a pretty popular business strategy these days


I've seen this toot so many fucking times I'm finally boosting it. You win.

@Mainebot be strong!! i myself refuse to EVER boost it!!!

@jk I'll boost because of pressure, but I won't star it!

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