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goo ddrum pattern:
* snare is the ride
* uhh kick on the offbeat
* lopsided hat. just hit it whenever you like
* get a friend to hit all the toms at the same time on 1 and 4

josef @jk

@er1n when i was listening to phil collins earlier i noticed that like, he uses a snare as a crash cymbal, the hihat as a snare, and the toms as a hihat???? like its pretty much 16th note toms the whole way through, with the odd single closed hihat hit for emphasis, now and again. it sounds like someones moved his drums around as a prank

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@er1n i cant remember the track but it was one of the ones on abacab

@er1n listen to 'who dunnit' if you want to have an aneurysm

@jk @er1n I was 100% thinking of Phil Collins when I read this post