this is what all the music i've made in the last 5 years sounds like, ON AVERAGE:


look. these fucked up sounds ive been making DO have musical use. honest!!!!! i even made a really unconscionable string sound by layering like 16 of it !!

the truth is, if you layer enough of anything thats randomly varying, it sounds like a string section

@jk string section, the other term for "acoustic randovari" patches

@Triplefox string section = acoustic randovari plural with sustain

@jk Damn that sounds cool. Also nice music gloves

@er1n yeah??? why are you saying that like im using a fish, or a central bank, or the moon, as a midi controller

@jk idk it just seems a bit. sacrilegious
this is a fuckinding great sound tho
please post samples lol

@er1n ?? i mean it was really common to use a DX7 as a master keyboard in the 80s and even later on, because it has a very good keybed

@er1n theyre exceptionally well made. all-metal chassis, nice design where you just unscrew 4 screws and the entire top opens on hinges so you can get to everything etc. and really fucking heavy, its heavier than every other keyboard i own, even the polysix/m1/wavestation etc. and im not really sure why

@jk wait, why dont we all use those talking fish animatronic things as midi controllers some how

@jk @er1n Please report back when the you publish the first song played on a central bank

@jk @er1n tbqh, I wouldn't put it past you to use either of those, or all of them at once, as midi controllers

@jk gonna make a low quality bootleg of these sounds tomorrow

the secret? : sample and hold

That sounds kinda great. (Sounds a little like mid-career Autechre)

@jk Some of my favorite music can best be described as "unconscionable"

@jk Oh it loops. How long have I been listening to this.

@jk Okay so I definitely listened to it for about 20 minutes? Good shit.

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