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fyi since people asked, i do a podcast called Memetic Hazard with @englebright

its on hiatus until next year, which gives you a perfect opportunity to catch up!!!!!!!!!!! u slacker

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@jk @englebright where is adam? has he forsaken social media again

@aeonofdiscord @englebright i think so! i don't know if he uses masto that much anyway

@jk @englebright omg you are real people and also quite posh looollllll

@jk @englebright I dont understand what it is about yet but I like listening to your voices :)

I am listening to you talking about joined up handwriting. When i was told to start doing it, I thought you were supposed to join the words together too, so I would make a finger space with my finger and carefully draw a line like an underscore between the two words

I was so proud and pleased when they said i could try it because i was top of the class and ahead of everyone and everything. and then I was so humiliated when I showed the teacher my work and she laughed at me. My poor massive delicate ego

@Damage Ack. This is such a wank bit of school :(

As a left hander, joining writing up just smeared it, so I kept going back to writing unjoined. When they made me do it again, I eventually got sent to the head teacher for a chat about not putting loops on the bottom of p's and g's.

Have never written joined up since leaving, fuck the police &c.

@Nach I got into trouble for drawing enormous ostentatious loops on them :') god I am awful

@Damage @Nach awfully fabulous! They were just jealous of your bold aesthetic