i hate smartphones tbh. typing on them is garbage, they don't fucking DO anything, you can't even drop them without them breaking, theyre a fucking joke. a few years ago they realised that the screens were too small and cramped so they started making them laughably huge and now they're even WORSE than they were before because now they're too big to even hold in your hand and you can't reach most of the screen which is, btw, STILL too small

@jk I want a phone with all the features of a smartphone, but ruggedised and with a real keyboard

@jk actually, updated version of the Nokia E90

Running linux

Bigass candybar phone for making phone calls, opens up to reveal a bigger screen and full keyboard

@troubleMoney @jk Would similarly love a ruggedized smartphone, just hate that all the ones on the market are crap. 2-3 full OS versions behind with no update path, terrible internals, or both. No winning in the cell phone market. :<

@troubleMoney @jk @Viktor myself, I am really gearin to get a blackberry because I need that keyboard

@jk Definitely agreed on the size thing. Got the 5.5" phone I use now almost a year ago and I just flat-out don't see the appeal of a phone that's too big for me to safely use 1-handed.

@Viktor i've got an iphone SE, which is the smallest phone apple make, and it's still too big, my old iphone 4 was the perfect size

@jk Cue Louis CK's cellphone bit. They are AMAZING, more computing power than what they used to put people on the moon! Endlessly entertaining and so many things you can do with them. Communication, navigation, music, video, news, games, it's pure magic!

@Gertjan @jk that bit happened around mid-late 2000s though; by which time you had a fairly robust phone with a usable physical keyboard, a decent camera and GPS navigation, but without the spyware/adtech of today (the 3G/LTE networks not being developed enough to support it).

Blackberry lost its way in late 00s chasing the low-end of the market but actually made half decent devices...

@jk I still have a flip phone, and I only got *that* because friends and family nagged me to and I got tired of it. 😁 Most of them *still* never call me and act like I don't exist since I'm not on FB.

@jk Remember when smartphones used to have hardware keyboards? Why did they ever get rid of those?

@witchfynder_finder i never used one with a hardware keyboard, i imagine it woulda just made the "typing is shit" problem go away at the expense of making the "the screens are too small" problem even worse

@jk Typing was a lot better, but they basically died out, like, ~5 years ago, so the screens were all still way too small. Most keyboards slid out from the back, though, so they didn't really exacerbate the smallness of the screen.

@jk It was! Then they stopped making them and no one has ever been able to give me a good reason why.

@witchfynder_finder @jk because 99% of hardware keyboards were utter garbage. At this point with autocorrect and software keyboards are just as accurate as I ever was on a hardware mobile keyboard. What amazes me is what is crammed into a mobile device at this point.

@jk I have a BLU Life One X2. It's large enough to type on, even with my big hands; there are cheap cases that make it basically indestructible; unlocking the bootloader and/or rooting it is trivial; the cameras are decent; it's got a decent CPU, expandable storage, and 4 GB of main memory. And it's only $200.

@swizzard im sorry but my takes are really good. u must be mistaken

@swizzard explain why my take is bad. beware that if ur explanation isnt good, i will block you immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@swizzard @jk

Also, as soon as someone brought up smartphones exploding the whole thread became '17's Best Of.

@jk I used to want a physical keyboard on my phone but autocorrect on Gboard is good enough that I can type quickly with terrible accuracy and it doesn't matter. I'd rather have screen space.

However, the obsession with thinness is insane. The Note 7 was the peak of this, where it was so thin it literally exploded. Other smartphones get shitty battery life, no headphone jack, no micro SD slot, and/or nonreplaceable batteries, which are also garbage

@synaesthetica yeah i mean autocorrect on my iphone works perfectly all the time. but it doesnt mean im ENJOYING using it

@Raelynn when they first showed up 10 years ago at least they had few features so you didnt have to use them very much. now they can IN THEORY do fuckin everything, but who'd want to????

@jk exactly, like some people keep talking about wanting to write code on a smartphone and Jesus that would be an uncomfortable cluster fuck

@Raelynn @jk i had the droid 3 once with a hardware keyboard. it carried me through my programming languages class!!

@Raelynn @jk i used an app called ConnectBot and built it out using command line tools on a remote server!

I didn't need to do any UI stuff so it worked really well

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