I sure am feeling depressed every time i go to bed huh

This is why i stay up so late. I don't want to feel that way so i distract myself until I'm too tired.

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@Gargron u know when youre a kid and your parents make you go to bed and you dont want to? i think i still feel kinda like that every time i ever go to sleep. it feels like the world is ending



@Gargron i think sleeping feels like giving up on whatever i was doing. it's like admitting defeat, surrendering to the fact that time marches on and theres never enough of it. maybe every night i'm subconsciously scared of what tomorrow might bring? maybe laying down in the dark in bed with nothing to distract me is uncomfortable??

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@gdkar @Gargron anyway its 6 AM so i guess i kinda have to go to bed. goddamn

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