is it weird that i wipe & reinstall my computers all the time because i just assume that statistically some kinda undetectable malware has got on there after a few months

@Mainebot idk probably like an hour or two, but then i always forget to migrate all the settings somehow so i have about 1-2 weeks of "why isnt this working how it should"


Compared to malware, which is just like "hey y'all got any more of them cycles?"

I hate refreshing my OS and installing stuff and trying to remember where I want to put things and how I want them to work, even though I only use my computer for yelling on the internet and pretending I'm a space/euro/american trucker of some sort.

@jk Somewhere there's a really desperate NSA analyst assigned to you and they're considering just quitting and becoming a farmer


your computers are probably the only reason the internet still works at all

keep it up

@Gargron @jk I'm still running my AV-less Win8 (upgraded to 8.1) Pro install from 2013

@Tom @Siphonay @Gargron it slows down your computer sometimes, that’s how u know it’s working

@tom @gargron @jk it's actually a really good free antivirus, with no ads and completely free

@Gargron @jk Wow your dad must be a computer genius. My dad regularly gives out his social security number and credit card information over the internet so he can watch "free" TV show episodes.

@ElfLord @Gargron my dad, when he's done looking at a webpage, hits the back button repeatedly until he's back to the New Tab screen

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