welcome to microsoft windows. would you like to:
- defrag your hard drive
- degauss your hard drive (default)

@jk @envgen I can't be the only one who found a good degaussing really satisfying, though.

@cute_weeds @envgen at school we used to try to degauss every monitor in the room at once to see if it would.. well... i dont know. open a portal????

@envgen @cute_weeds we never managed to get everybody to do it at once because 12-year olds sadly lack the ability to cooperate and organise to follow a plan

@envgen @cute_weeds a couple years later they replaced all the screens with LCD ones probably as part of a huge government-led coverup operation to prevent any further investigations into the whole portal thing

@jk @envgen Okay, so first we get everyone on masto to find and set up an old CRT...

@cute_weeds @jk @envgen what if we all slam that WHRRNGL degauss button while simultaneously jumping off a chair onto the floor so we can open a portal and alter Earth's orbit at the same time? too much?

@cute_weeds @jk @envgen I am to this day a little grouchy that there isn't a degauss simulator

like surely that kind of sound+visual should be procgennable

though when I last researched there seemed to be little info on the physics behind the process that would help with a reconstruction

@cute_weeds @jk @envgen I realised just now that now I'm on Linux I could make my laptop play modem noises on wifi connect, on OSX that's never really been possible

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