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josef @jk


you GOTTA upgrade the software on your computer or someone may hack you, and steal all your money. so make sure to ALWAYS update your computer.

btw, sometimes when you update your computer, it'll ask you if you want to replace some important-sounding script youve never heard of yet have apparently changed

this means you now have to work out:

-what the script is
-what it does
-what "your" changes do/mean
-what their changes do
-which set of changes to keep

good luck!

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@brennen do you think it's okay to change some shit inside grub.d??? if you say yes i'm going to trust your opinion & also blame you when my computer doesnt boot anymore

@jk tbh i think you're probably fine, but i will accept the blame if it doesn't work.

@jk @brennen you know who thinks it's fine? lilo, lilo has not a fuck to give about grubs


this sounds like too much work I'll just say yes to everything all the time because of course the people making these changes are professionals and wouldn't jeopardize stability for the sake of change.

@jk you pressed No! congratulations! everything is irrevocably fucked! have fun reinstalling!!!!!!!!

@jk love it when there are twenty different popular ways of stacking things on top of a wobbly foundation, and nerds yell at you if your rickety stack isn't built right

@jk you have all these issues with linux and i literally never have them

I mean, does viewing the differences give you anything legible? that's what I normally do, and I find it fairly intelligible? or is my perspective lensed for some reason

@marlyn i looked at the differences. and it was a script which i didn't know the purpose of, it seems to mostly be setting environment variables and writing to other files in other places and calling other tools that i have never heard of. the changes consist of a few logic changes, for instances adding an "AND" operator to a few if statements to check an additional variable's state. i do not understand what the names of any of the variables mean or what the script does

@jk We really need a better feedback channel for ordinary users to talk to developers about stuff like this.

"Mailing lists" don't count. Mailing lists suck.