you GOTTA upgrade the software on your computer or someone may hack you, and steal all your money. so make sure to ALWAYS update your computer.

btw, sometimes when you update your computer, it'll ask you if you want to replace some important-sounding script youve never heard of yet have apparently changed

this means you now have to work out:

-what the script is
-what it does
-what "your" changes do/mean
-what their changes do
-which set of changes to keep

good luck!

one time i accepted the defaults on an apache upgrade and it completely fucked my website for about a day until i realised that all it was is they had changed their configuration file's terminology slightly so that i just needed to replace all instances of the word "lock" in my config with the word "mutex"

so i restarted my computer after that upgrade


fucking hate linux !!!!!!!!

why did me upgrading my system remove the font that i use. why??? what the fuck is going on??? can someone explain how and why this can or should happen

turns out that whatever it is i upgraded reset the contents of /etc/fonts to the default. why?? who knows

/etc/fonts, if you are not aware, has the weirdest way of configuring shit (by which i mean, bad, since i only understood what the fuck was going on because i'd already had to troubleshoot an issue with it 6 months ago), you have all of these xml files and they have names like 70-no-bitmap-fonts or 70-yes-bitmap-fonts and to enable bitmap fonts you copy the file from one folder to another

why does it work like that??? probably someone has a really good explanation, one that sounds really clever. but their explanation is wrong, because it shouldn't work like that, since nothing works like that

so anyway my experience of linux, on a ~monthly basis?? you upgrade or install something, and something breaks or doesn't work, and to fix the thing so that it works you have to learn about a program you didn't know existed, understand its uniquely fucked up configuration schema, make changes you don't really understand, and then sit tight until in 6-12 months it breaks again and you have to remember how the fuck you fixed it last time

@brennen do you think it's okay to change some shit inside grub.d??? if you say yes i'm going to trust your opinion & also blame you when my computer doesnt boot anymore

@jk tbh i think you're probably fine, but i will accept the blame if it doesn't work.

@jk @brennen you know who thinks it's fine? lilo, lilo has not a fuck to give about grubs


this sounds like too much work I'll just say yes to everything all the time because of course the people making these changes are professionals and wouldn't jeopardize stability for the sake of change.

@jk you pressed No! congratulations! everything is irrevocably fucked! have fun reinstalling!!!!!!!!

@jk you have all these issues with linux and i literally never have them

I mean, does viewing the differences give you anything legible? that's what I normally do, and I find it fairly intelligible? or is my perspective lensed for some reason

@marlyn i looked at the differences. and it was a script which i didn't know the purpose of, it seems to mostly be setting environment variables and writing to other files in other places and calling other tools that i have never heard of. the changes consist of a few logic changes, for instances adding an "AND" operator to a few if statements to check an additional variable's state. i do not understand what the names of any of the variables mean or what the script does

@jk We really need a better feedback channel for ordinary users to talk to developers about stuff like this.

"Mailing lists" don't count. Mailing lists suck.

@HihiDanni @jk

Ha HA how about option B: forum threads that have long-since died and are no longer accessible, but you aren't allowed to start a new thread because every issue is closed

@jk (A lot of those issues seems mostly constrained to the Debian packaging system, so maybe some chain pulling over in Debian Developer Land is in order)

@HihiDanni i mean, honestly, all my other computers are running some kind of arch-based thing, this is my last debian holdout, so maybe i'll just ... well...

@HihiDanni @jk I have heard this claim, but have you /seen/ what people use INSTEAD of mailing lists? It's /awful/.

@HihiDanni @jk

Hmm, I wonder how well IRC channels work in such a situation...
I guess those don't allow "persistent" issue tracking, though
Perhaps that, in tandem with github for issue tracking?

@marlyn @jk IRC is about as archaic as mailing lists, and perhaps even harder to use. Github at the very least *tries* to be human-friendly

@HihiDanni @jk
IRC has suitable web-clients that require no user installation, and can easily be embedded in a website - I'm not sure if that's suitably "user-friendly" enough - at what point does it become comparable to a more "mainstream" communication system such as Discord?

@jk @HihiDanni
Certain clients such as "hexchat" also allow for native opening and importing of server links, as well - does that function suitably in place of "invite links" services such as discord offer?

@marlyn @jk 1. The person has to be using Hexchat. 2. The person has to be using _that_ Xchat, no not that other Xchat, or that other fork or mIRC or w/e. 3. It would not subscribe the browser to server URLs or w/e so you'd need to find the option hidden in the menubar that lets you connect, and you'd have to make sure that yes, the server URL syntax is correct. 4. "No I can't help you because I did it myself on this other client, do it yourself."

@jk @marlyn 5. Even if it did subscribe to the URL or protocol or w/e it'd probably be relying on a separate package that isn't installed by default, and may also conflict with, or not be honored by the current desktop environment, browser, or w/e. 6. "You need to register with NickServ, so do all this weird stuff that starts with a slash. Trust us."

@marlyn @jk "7. Don't post large text here! Upload it somewhere, but we're not going to provide any hosting space for it, so figure it out yourself. But also don't use those URL shorteners." 8. To be pingable 24/7 you have to be connected 24/7, which wastes electricity. 9. No, IRC bouncers just paper over the problem. Even Quassel, which is far easier to use than typical IRC bouncers, has issues.

@jk @marlyn 10. The mere act of logging onto IRC may expose you to DoS attacks. Apparently this is a big enough issue that Freenode has a special thing called "cloaks" to mitigate this. No, you don't get to have one by default. You have to do this song and dance for it. And then the cloak won't even be applied for the first few seconds you're actually connected, so it's useless

@marlyn @jk 11. "This is the developers' channel. Users asking for support should go into the user support channel. No we don't actually read anything that goes on in there."

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@jk DEFAULT. Always let the person who wrote the update script figure it out. They've spent more time thinking about it than anyone else.

@pixelguff this is what i did, until about 3 or 4 years ago when doing that completely broke my system. and then again, about a year later, when it made Apache completely stop working and broke three people's websites for a day!

@jk Ooooh, yeah. You deffo thought about your Apache config more than anyone else.

@jk why did you have a config that even mentioned locks

@er1n it wasn't my config, it was THEIR config file! however i had made some changes to it for some reason

@jk Oh, makes me remind of the time I tried to install iRedMail over my already existing server setup.

Seems like it absolutely needs to be the first thing installed on your server, unless you want to break absolutely everything web-related. :/

@jk your computer cant find the 404!! you gotta buy a new one. a 405 should work too (it's the 404's successor)

@jk because sometimes upstream do stupid things? I remember filing a Firefox bug because they removed support for a certain type of font.

@jk the only halfway sensible reason I can think of for this (not implying that the actual reason is sensible) is that somebody fucked up in the past and included a font that wasn't correctly licensed, then had to remove it later

@aeonofdiscord weirdly i still haven't got a notification for this and a couple of other toots??

@jk ...huh, that's weird. only from my account/this instance?

@aeonofdiscord no it was a few other people too! although i got one for this toot so.. yeah idk

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