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josef @jk

"change your mind" by gary numan and bill sharpe is better than anything he did with tubeway army

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im not asking you to change my mind by the way. im asking you to change yours

@jk this would have been an inspirational toot, but the thread is a terrible take!!

@thefishcrow im not saying that they were bad on purpose!!! it was an early time. nobody knew how to make a good sound on a synthesizer until 1982 by which point most of their music had already been made

@jk it’s ok Josef

Music isn’t worth arguing over

((I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m trying to stop the sarcasm!!!))

@thefishcrow all im saying is that im not blaming them!! they were a good band

@djsundog @thefishcrow he's a prime example: pretty much his entire stage presence was a kind of circus, in keeping with the treatment of synths as a kind of jokey sci-fi sideshow

@jk @djsundog

They’re still a jokey sci-fi sci-show

@thefishcrow @djsundog there was a period from about '82-83 until, say, '91 when they weren't

@jk @djsundog @thefishcrow when I read that post I was sure you were talking about Jean Michel Jarre.

@loke @djsundog @thefishcrow his were surprisingly good actually, but he was among maybe 10 people who were actually good at it before the 80s