imo if your processor has a 16-bit data bus then its 16-bit, no matter how long you make the fuckin accumulator

@envgen i mean that has so much shit in it that its less of a console and more of an extremely thick maplins catalogue that happened to have been printed onto a circuit board instead of paper

@jk Was this the problem with the Jaguar's flawed "Do the Math" half-truths?

@jk wait so the Allwinner A13 (1Ghz Cortex-A8) and A33 (4x 1Ghz Cortex-A7) are 16bit? 😵

@jk what if the data bus is 24-bit but the accumulator is 16-bit? :thaenkin:

@jk Look I really don't need any Amiga 500 callout posts on my timeline.

@WAHa_06x36 im a big fan of the amiga! it’s the best of the ~~~16 BIT ERA~~~

@jk @WAHa_06x36 the real truth is, if you read "16 bit" anywhere, like if anybody actually says a thing is "16 bit", it's the sega megadrive 100% of the time

@halcy @jk @WAHa_06x36 this would makes the nintendo 64.....the nintendo 32

@wxcafe @chr @halcy @WAHa_06x36 itd look like a regression given how the 6th gen were supposedly marketed as 128-bit

@jk Starts working on a computer with a 16 bit data bus and an 8 bit accumulator.

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