haven't been using mastodon as much as usual because the web interface occasionally gets into some weird state where it uses so much fuckin CPU that its annoying to keep it open due to the fan noise

@jk pretty sure mastodon has been responsible for my laptop shutting off from overheating 2 or 3 times in the past n months but i have no idea how to diagnose whatever it was doing

@Gargron @revenant can you set a conditional breakpoint in javascript code, where the variable is "CPU temperature"

@jk @revenant it'd be pretty funny if it turned out your problems are due to the coyote rotating 24/7 on your screen

(but that's probably not it)

@Gargron @revenant @jk I have to admit I can notice the slowdown since I put my Sphere gif as background. When it goes choppy, time for a refresh.

I wondered if it was the cause, but thanks to the convo, it seems that not. Thanks!

@Ronflaix @jk @revenant worth saying, i also keep mastodon open the entire day, and i don't experience any noticeable slowdown, but i also never open local/federated timelines anymore. the more stuff loads into your app, the slower it might get over time. it is known

@Gargron @revenant @jk I guessed so, I thought the webclient would unload the content not in the visible column region. Good thing my workstation has 64GB of RAM :p

@Ronflaix @jk @revenant the columns do remove content from the DOM when it's scrolled out of view, but the data is still stored in variables for when you scroll to it again. everything is also normalized because the UI can display the same thing in multiple places, so it's hard to evict stuff. if somebody wants to write a reference counter garbage collector for mastodon, go ahead

(and i dont mean that as "just delete gargron's posts" thanks)

@Gargron @revenant @jk
Step 1 : write a GC to delete non visible cluckers
Step 2 : ???
Step 3 : Profit

@Gargron @jk @Ronflaix i figured it was due to something like that but i'm not really a web dev so i can't even begin to come up with a competent solution other than "force refresh the page every 5 minutes"

@revenant @Ronflaix @jk haha. i mean recommending people just refresh the page now and again if they feel it gets slow is not that bad

@jk That's just a side-effect @halcy becoming a MONERO MILLIONAIRE.

@ekvin @jk excuse me in this house we mine GAYCOIN exclusively

@halcy @jk

I may not understand, but I fully support your alternative cryptocurrency lifestyle.

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