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i wanna do a short film where i interview tech bro pc gamer youtubers about the, like, metaphysical implications of their work and how computers are this fundamentally abstract mathematical idea but by showing me how to upgrade my graphics card they're both lending the ethereal a corporeal dignity but also fomenting it in a culture & system of judgments entirely unrelated to the metal & fiberglass & plastic itself

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@jk i want to make a short film where i say pee pee in front of the camera and then smash my head into a wall

@jk I feel like calling computers an abstract mathematical idea is a bit of a chicken/egg situation, it feels as problematic as calling a circle or an area in general an abstract mathematical idea just because we can use a mathematical model

@elomatreb it just depends what you mean by 'computer' - whether the axis of 'computerness' is drawn along cultural lines or some other line. i'd say an abstract turing machine is *more* of a computer than any computer that exists in the world, but you might also argue that it's less of one, as it isn't possible to build in reality

@jk That's an interesting perspective, I was more thinking about the actual historical order of events (i.e. did we first invent calculation devices and then the mathematical model to reason about them, or was it the other way around). You could argue both sides of that though 🤔

Good morning, btw

@jk S01E01 "The dragon of chaos can't help me run PUBG"