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thankfully the gatefold artwork already looks like its water damaged anyway

ransom note: pay me $90000 per month or i will write the most boring book imaginable entitled "british architecture of the 1990s"

i woke up this lazy moth

health status GOOD??? *spits out drink* pah!! nothing in this god forsaken machine is Good

(i did look and i couldnt find The Best Of INXS)

today I visited the Hallowed Place

✅friend evaluated
status = extremely friend

⚠️friend detected

dora’s keepin cool in the shade today

instead of sending me a 1/4 inch camera screw adaptor they sent me 1x 4 inch screw adaptor

it's funny if you open up a modern 2.5" SSD theyre just full of empty space. also the circuit board is basically empty too. giant fuckin ground planes. all just to fit the SATA connector. you can see why M.2 came about really

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