@tomharris @Ormur @envgen one of those killer theme tunes thats nevertheless done entirely on a ensoniq SD1 or something youtube.com/watch?v=SU6i1Kq63Q

@technomancy i think 1 million sides is a bit on the low side

its more of a sphere but when youre looking at it from a fair distance away it can look circular

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ive seen it. moons up in the sky. EXTREMELY round


Hi, if you want to change your computer, you first need to work on your lifestyle. Eat healthier. Eat McDonalds.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Warm Regards,
McDonalds Computer Tips Bot

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how to change computer. How to change your computer. have a feeling that my computer's Not Right

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@jk @envgen there was one where one of the hits puts his hand in a glove compartment thing and it comes out all strong and scaly like a reptile's and they can't undo it. Real body horror stuff.

@tomharris @envgen i remember virtually nothing about it except thinking that it was extremely cool. in fact maybe it was the first time i saw a TV programme and thought "that's SO COOL"

@envgen do you remember Aquila. i dont remember it very well but i have a hunch that it shouldve been gay

every spectrum game is called like SUPER ARSE whereas every zx81 game is merely called ARSE

religious opinion 

god is pronounced 'jod'

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Me: All I want to do today is watch a team of guys named PokeKing, Stunlock85, and Blyatmcdonalds play a heavily modded multiplayer Zelda OoT game

Youtube: [algorithmic personality-shaping process complete] :)

imagine if elon musk got extremely ripped and lots of men were like "wow hes so cool. maybe we should start taking Hydrazine supplements"

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