anyone have any idea how the AD73360 serial port works or failing that maybe just any idea why half of analog devices' chips have a subtly different serial interface with a bunch of extra pins that have to be faffed around with manually

@Shonalika i think the idea is that like, u get an animal onesie, and it makes you feel like youre free, relaxed, dont have to pay electricity bills, can just romp around, closer to nature, an authentic experience

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@jk multimeter, every time it pokes you: "bazinga"

@envgen i trust my multimeter i dont need to test him. he doesnt need the stress

i say "owning this multimeter for 5 years" really its been owning me for 5 years i guess

just realised after owning this multimeter for 5 years that it has little slots in the back for the probes to go in so you dont keep poking yourself with them

@envgen is the pump going? maybe its pumping round cold water, keeping the house cool, like a watercooled pc

@envgen luxury living in the heart of the city of leisure

@envgen ah nice, cant wait for the pillow cases to go all damp and moldy

@DarckCrystale hmm! i have windows set to not power down USB devices, is there a separate sleep mode thing for USB hard drives?

@envgen if its central heating ive noticed the best central heating is the kind that makes the most scary noises. ideally u want like, clicking, creaking, kinda horror movie sound effects, like a waterphone. if it's not making that kinda sound you aught to get a heating engineer or a warlock

can you even use cron on windows subsystem for linux. do i have to make """Scheduled Task"""

fuckin hate hard drives. i've tried to go all-SSD but i still have 3 external spinning boys, and let me tell you, they ain't good. there's the one that just broke just now, another one that's tiny and extremely slow, and then a reasonably new 4 TB portable drive that works perfectly except when you try to use it with Windows Backup it disconnects briefly after about 2-3 hours and the backup will never finish. maybe i'll just use fuckin rsync

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perhaps you could put it on multiple flash drives? you could compare their rate of failure to flash drives without the data and if they do turn out to be cursed, you'll know :D

literally all this broken hard drive has on it is a copy of the contents of another old drive that failed in 2010. even if i recover the data AGAIN i bet it'll just curse the next drive i put it on

pro: its nice that one of my external hard drives has a handy feature where the motor failing to spin up properly incidentally makes a loud, repeating beep sound, to inform the user that their hard drive has failed

con: one of my external hard drives has failed

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