Comet Hale–Bopp Now “Missing”, Say Researchers

heat pumps, or “Honeywell’s demon”

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“OOOUUAAAGH!!!! ... ..... ... Buh.” can be the next version of the Mastodon beep sound.

@accelerando makes u think. if things had turned out differently 15 years ago maybe id be the one putting sequins on butts

had a sudden flashback to my first day of high school. i remembered the person i sat down next to in the introduction session thing. the first new person i ever spoke to at high school! and i never spoke to them again after that one time! i had completely forgotten they even existed! but what even was their name? what was it??? FINALLY! i remembered it. I typed it into google - first result. an feature about them on a style blog: they now have a job putting sequins on peoples butts on Instagram

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it’s mild so i left my window open, fell asleep, and was just now woken by someone outside on the street going “OOOUUAAAGH!!!! ... ..... ... Buh.”

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@jk we still have this weird rap band called "pnl" that does that in France, they've only done one interview in their whole life band (to the NYT) and are like super famous for reason I don't really understand

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He said the badge got a tan as well, while he was in Hawaii on business.

I think there was just less STUFF in the past, so people would like, obsess over things with not much to go on. like, when you’re lacking information, you speculate about mysteries and obsess over the small amount of stuff you do have. nowadays if a band doesn’t constantly post photos of their summer vacation beach house everybody forgets they even exist because their brains get filled up with photos of someone ELSE’S summer vacation beach house

before about 2000, you could just not do gigs, rarely put out albums, never be seen in public, decline interviews etc, and your band could be “mysterious” or “rare” and cultivate a huge wall of mystique, nowadays thats just called “not being good at promotion” or more accurately, not called anything at all, since nobody will be talking about your band to begin with

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